• Gedung A
    There Arts Education, Java Language Education, Education Guidance and Counseling, dll
  • Building B
    A lecture building Prodi Economic Education
  • Gedung D
    Building a Class Prodi Mathematics Education, Chemistry Education, Biology Education, Physical education, and Science Education
  • Gedung e
    A lecture building Prodi Indonesian Language and Literature Education, English language education, dll
  • Building F
    Building an administrative center FKIP UNS
  • Building G
    A lecture building & Administration Graduate Program in Education

Faculty Information System

The Faculty of Education University of March has some Information Systems to help service to quickly and maximum stakeholder.

  1. administration Graduation

    Graduation administration information system can be accessed through https://wisuda.fkip.uns.ac.id. The information system was developed to help the graduation for student administrative services FKIP UNS.

  2. Admitrjur

    System information adminjur (administration department) can be accessed through https://adminjur.fkip.uns.ac.id. The information system was developed to assist in administrative services in Guidance and Counseling Study Program UNS.

  3. Data Bases Faculty

    Supporting Information System Study Program Accreditation serves as a reporting system all data related academic activities in the course. The system can be accessed through https://pdf.fkip.uns.ac.id. The purpose of this app is to present the data to support the evaluation of academic study programs or data source for charging the accreditation forms.

  4. pavilion Leaders

    Led information system platforms can be accessed through https://anjungan.fkip.uns.ac.id. This system serves to determine the agenda of the management faculty.

  5. Tracer Alumni

    Alumni tracer information system can be accessed through https://legalisir.fkip.uns.ac.id. This system serves to help the laumni for administrative processes legalized in FKIP UNS which will automatically gather the data of alumni.