FKIP – The Surakarta Elementary School Teacher Education Study Program Student Association (Hima PGSD Surakarta) Teacher Training and Education Faculty (FKIP) Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Surakarta in collaboration with held an Indonesian Generation School activity which was attended by around 18 children on Sunday (29/8/2021) at the residential area of ​​Kali Anyar, Mipitan Sewu, Mojosongo, Jebres, Surakarta.

The movement initiated by aims to improve the quality of education and human resources of the younger generation. The subject matter taught was material for national insight and general insight. Meanwhile, the teaching volunteers in this activity are students of the PGSD Surakarta FKIP UNS major. Activities are carried out regularly on Sundays.

The founder of the community, Shoffan Mujahid, explained that the presence of the Indonesian Generation School in Mipitan Village was not solely to fulfill the demands of the Semester Credit Unit (SKS), but the call of the heart as students to maintain independence.

“We have long-term goals. While other fellow students only want to fulfill credits, we are organically and naturally to participate in maintaining and caring for Indonesia’s independence. Millennials today have forgotten how to take care of Indonesia’s independence,” said Shoffan.

Aghnia Haudli, as the Head of Hima PGSD Surakarta also added that the implementation of the activity was the fulfillment of responsibility for the Hima PGSD community service work program plan. Furthermore, she hopes that this activity can be the first step for PGSD Surakarta students to prepare themselves to become educators who can give birth to the nation’s next generation of young people with character, superior personalities, and high enthusiasm to realize their dreams to be useful for others.

This activity was held in accordance with health protocols. Both teachers, children, and all parties involved wear masks and keep their distance when participating in the implementation of the Indonesian Generation School activities.

Reporter: Rosantika Utami
Editor: Zalfaa Azalia Pursita