FKIP – A number of students who are members of the Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Surakarta Real Work Lecture (KKN) group offer a solution to the waste problem in the market located in Mutih Kulon Village, Wedung District, Demak Regency. Garbage is waste from the results of an activity that can trigger environmental damage if it is not processed properly. It should be noted that the waste in the Mutih Kulon Village market is waste from market transactional activities.

The Community Service Team with members Ahmad Hilal Najahi, Indra Dwi Saputra, Kamsu Aji Wiguna, Chilwaddiniz Zahrah, Syfa Nuril Auliya, Meida Wahyuning, Zahrotussa’adah, and Mia Alfiyatus Sholehah gave ideas for processing waste to be used as composter waste. As a guide, this team received guidance and direction from Dr. Ir. Heru Irianto, M.M. Composting waste is the processing of organic waste through composting to produce liquid fertilizer.

Kamsu Aji Wiguna, one of the people involved in this activity, said that waste processing is done a little differently.

“The processing of composter waste is slightly different from the processing of waste in general. In general, waste processing uses used barrels, but composter waste processing uses cement, sand, and bricks. This is done based on consideration of the use of tools and a longer period of time and is permanent,” said Kamsu.

This idea is useful for reducing waste and beneficial for producing compost. In addition, making composter waste also provides benefits for reducing puddles when the rainy season arrives. This compost is very useful for people whose livelihoods are dominated by the agricultural sector.

The construction of this composter waste processing site took three days. After that, this tool can be tried and operated directly by the people of Mutih Kulon Village. The target of the development of this tool is the waste from the transactional activities of the Mutih Kulon Village market.

The construction of the composter waste processing equipment received positive reactions from the residents. In addition, the manufacture of this tool also received a good response from Inwanul Falah as the Head of Mutih Kulon Village. He also hopes that this tool will be able to provide benefits to the community, especially people who carry out transactional activities at the Mutih Kulon Village market.

Reporter: Dwinanda Wuri Harsanti
Editor: Zalfaa Azalia Pursita