FKIP – Students of Indonesian Language and Literature Education Study Program (PBSI) Faculty of Teacher Training and Education Sciences (FKIP) Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Surakarta on behalf of Jihan Ashilla won 3rd place in the National Level Poetry Reading Competition of Literature Week (PBS) IX 2021.

PBS IX 2021 was organized by the Study Program Student Association Indonesian Language and Literature Education (Himprobsi) FKIP UNS. PBS IX 2021 consists of several an activities, namely the Southeast Asian Poetry Writing Competition, the National Level Poetry Reading Contest, the National Short Story Writing Competition, the Literary Language Week Workshop, and the Literary Language Week Webinar.

Reading a poem entitled Sajak Rajawali by WS Rendra, Jihan won 3rd place in the Poetry Reading Contest which was announced on Sunday (10/10/2021). Jihan explained the reason he chose to read the poem because the message implied in it was able to make people aware of their existence as humans.

“The reason I chose this poem is that the Sajak Rajawali poem can awaken us to the existence of humans as God’s creatures who are blessed with freedom and independence. This poem seems to invite us to become human beings like the Eagles who are passionate about fighting for freedom and truth,” explained Jihan via WhatsApp message. , Tuesday (10/19/2021).

Previously, Jihan had won several competitions. Meanwhile, Jihan’s achievements were 1st Winner of the 2019 UNS Indonesian Language & Literature Ambassador Selection, 1st Winner of the 2020 Surakarta City Planning Generation Ambassador Selection, and 2nd Runner-up Winner of the 2020 Central Java Province Planning Generation Ambassador. In the future, Jihan wants to increase his experience and participate in other prestigious competitions.

Reporter: Rosantika Utami
Editor: Aulia Anjani