FKIP – Postgraduate students (S-2) Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Surakarta won two championships at once in the Siliwangi IV Literary Expression Competition Series. The UNS student who succeeded in achieving this achievement was on behalf of Eko Setyawan. He managed to win 1st place in the Short Story Writing Competition and 2nd place in the Poetry Writing Contest.

The Siliwangi Literary Expression Activity is an annual activity organized by the Indonesian Language and Literature Education Student Association (PBSI) of the Siliwangi Teacher Training and Education Institute (IKIP), Bandung. The stages of the competition include administration, collection, judging, and announcement of winners. In the announcement on Saturday (27/11/2021) on the Instagram account @ekspresisastra.siliwangi, Eko Setyawan won two champions at once.

Meanwhile, the theme of the competition is “Estetika Padika Aksara”. Eko wrote a short story entitled Alas Kedu and a poem entitled Sarat Sajen.

Eko explained the purpose of the short story he wrote.

“Alas Kedu’s short story contains material about the history of the Magelang area according to another version. This short story explains about the recording of history, not always tasting the bad, and about the general version that is forever evil,” said Eko.

Eko continued that hopefully this work can be read by the younger generation so that the younger generation can understand the culture well and know a history according to other versions or various versions. He also shared his feelings when he won the race and plans to do in the future.

“The feeling of winning this race is very impressive and very enjoyable. This also fosters the spirit to continue to be better. In the future, I want to publish a poetry book with the main theme of Javanese traditional marriage and to publish a short storybook with a historical background on the origin of forests in Java,” he concluded.

Reporter: Akhmad Mukhibun
Editor: Zalfaa Azalia Pursita