FKIP – The Primary School Teacher Education Study Program (HMP) Student Association (PGSD) Teacher Training and Education Faculty (FKIP) Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Surakarta held a Public Speech Learning (Kejar) Class with the theme “How to be a Great Public Speaker” on Sunday (2/1/2022). This activity was broadcast through the live of the Instagram account @kejarpgsduns and Youtube Hima PGSD UNS.

The activity, which was packaged as a broadcast program, presented the 2021 UNS Economic Education Son, Rizki Wahyu Perdana as a resource person, and Putriana Dafa as a moderator. In this activity, Rizki conveyed the importance of public speaking in the modern era. According to him, public speaking is very influential in the world of work, especially for prospective teachers.

“Because we are prospective teachers, if we can’t public speaking, we can’t communicate with our students. Then, the second is the challenge in the future, what do we want to do after this, do we want to graduate, do we become employees or teachers? It all also affects the world of work,” he explained.

The man, who since high school (SMA) has participated in many activities and committees, said that public speaking has several cores, namely speaking, acting, and having good charisma in front of many people.

“So, what I learned from public speaking is how we can master our public speaking skills, how can we be persuasive in influencing when in public, how can we create charisma in public,” he explained.

In addition, according to him, body language is also an important factor in public speech. As for body languages, such as eye movements, hands, and the body as a whole, because every movement will be clearly seen by the listener.

“We can tell from this body language, for example, if we move our eyes, whether we are looking forward or looking down, the viewer or audience can read it. Apart from eye movements, there are hand movements, if our hands are shaking, it can be seen, right,” he said.

Furthermore, Rizki shared three tips to improve public speaking skills. Meanwhile, the tips and tricks are increasing vocabulary, improving ethics, and mastering yourself.

“Three things might be tips and tricks can improve public speaking skills from basic to intermediate, intermediate to high, and so on,” he said.

At the end of the session, Rizki gave a message to listeners to increase their interests and talents with enthusiasm so that later they can work, excel, and inspire according to their respective fields for themselves and others.

“My message is to stay enthusiastic, keep inspiring in all existing fields, keep working and achieving, because everyone has talent, everyone has their own interests, interests, and talents can be sharpened and can be improved,” said Rizki.

Reporter: Muhammad Muzaqqi
Editor: Zalfaa Azalia Pursita