FKIP – The Student Association of the Elementary School Teacher Education Study Program, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta held a national webinar online via Zoom Cloud Meeting on Thursday (6/1/2022).

The webinar was opened with remarks by the head of the PGSD study program, Dr. Idam Ragil Widianto Atmojo, S.Pd., M.Sc. which was represented by Roy Ardiansyah, S.Pd., M.Pd.

“We hope that with the national webinar it will improve the quality both in terms of our students or maybe nationally can increase knowledge, insight, and more up-to-date information so that there are no misconceptions or miscommunication related to the driving school program,” said Roy. in his speech.

The webinar was hosted by moderator Yulvia Zalza Bella with the theme “Realizing the Vision of Indonesian Education through the Driving School Program”.

The first resource person, Siti Samsiyah, S.Pd., M.Pd. who is the principal of SD Negeri Keco 2. Siti delivered the material with the title “Realizing the Vision of Indonesian Education through the Driving School Program”.

“What is the driving school? A driving school is a school that focuses on developing student learning outcomes holistically by realizing a Pancasila student profile that includes competence and character starting with superior human resources, namely principals and teachers,” explained Siti.

Siti explained about driving schools as catalysts, the final description of driving schools, interrelated driving school interventions, and finally about the benefits of driving schools.

The second resource person, Ririn Dwi Utami, S.P., S.Pd. as the driving teacher for SD Takmirul Islam Surakarta. Ririn delivered the material with the same title as the first speaker.

“Motivator teachers are learning leaders who encourage student growth holistically, actively, and proactively in developing other education to implement student-centered learning, as well as being role models and agents of transformation of the educational ecosystem to realize the profile of Pancasila students,” explained Ririn in her presentation of the material.

Furthermore, Ririn delivered material on the purpose of the driving teacher, the role of the driving teacher, the values ​​of the driving teacher, and the benefits of participating in the driving teacher program.

The webinar ends with a question and answers session.

Reporter: Dwinanda Wuri Harsanti
Editor: Aulia Anjani