FKIP Sharing Session – Academic, Research, and Student Affairs The Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Surakarta held an online Sharing Session for the Student Creativity Program (PKM) #1 on Monday (21/2/2022).

The activity was guided by Candra Adi Prabowo, S. Pd., M. Pd. as moderator. The FKIP #1 PKM sharing session carries the theme “Selecting Topics and Designing the Best PKM Proposals”.

The event was opened directly by the Dean of FKIP UNS, Dr. Mardiyana, M. Si.

“Last year we put UNS in the top ranking of the national PKM competition. This is our responsibility for the next student to continue the PKM achievements. Our task now is how to maintain the achievements we have achieved last year, at least maintain it, thankfully it will be improved It is hoped that it will increase, be useful for students, and be beneficial for institutions,” said Mardiyana in his speech.

The first resource person was Arini Nurfadilah as the head of the PKM Center in 2022. Arini delivered the material with the title “FKIP UNS Student Creativity Program Towards Funding Proposals for the 2022 Period and the 35th PIMNAS”.

In the beginning, Arini introduced PKM and UNS’ track record in previous years.

“If you are oriented to PIMNAS, don’t be serious just when you pass the funding. Because you will lose a lot of points in the proposal,” said Arini in her presentation.

Furthermore, Arini explained the reasons for students to take PKM.

“First, the implementation of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education. Second, the benefits of each PKM output and agenda. Third, it is required at UNS. Fourth, is the synergy of various parties. Fifth, PKM can be recognized,” explained Arini.

Then, Arini conveyed the PKM timeline and stage I errors in assessment.

The second resource person, Dwi Yudha Meidiansyah as the PIMNAS gold medal winner. Yudha delivered the material with the title “Selecting and Presenting Creative and Innovative PKM Topics”.

Yudha started the presentation by presenting the definition of creativity and innovation. Next, he explained the collection of ideas.

“First, survey. Second, discussion with partners and lecturers. Third, we can exchange ideas. Fourth, we can observe the surrounding environment. Fifth, look at the titles that passed the previous PIMNAS,” explained Yudha.

Next, Yudha conveyed about determining ideas, presenting ideas, common mistakes, and tips in writing PKM.

The third resource person, Inna Zuhriah Zain, is a PIMNAS gold medal winner. Inna delivered the material with the title “Student Creativity Program: Creative-Innovative-Problem Solving”. In her presentation, Inna conveyed tips and tricks for making proposals.

“Making a proposal is easy. You must include data on the problem, the urgency of the problem, explanation of innovation, advantages of innovation, outcomes, choose a method, the steps in the method must be clear, analyze the data used, and use the latest year of writing,” explained Inna.

After being presented with the material by the resource persons, the participants of the sharing session were given briefing and motivation by the vice dean of Academics, Research, and Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Slamet Subiyantoro, M. Si.

“Achievement is the second main performance indicator besides being free to study at an independent campus. Achievement for students is appreciated,” explained Prof. good luck.

Prof. Slamet also explained the appreciation or awards that students get when they win provincially, nationally, or internationally, either individually or in groups. (Public Relation)

Reporter: Dwinanda Wuri Harsanti
Editor: Aulia Anjani

Public Relations FKIP