FKIP – Proud news came from the students of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Surakarta who managed to bring home a bronze medal in the 2022 National Festival Update (OU) Olympiad. He is Muhammad Aditya Wisnu Wardana from the Program Study of Indonesian Language and Literature Education (PBSI) FKIP UNS.

OU Festival is an event organized by a non-governmental organization, namely The Olympic Update. This event is a form of their contribution in an effort to empower Indonesian youth to remain productive and work in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. A total of about 18000 participants have participated in this activity. The OU Festival 2022 consists of 4 competitions, namely the Olympics, poetry, short stories, and posters.

When contacted by the team, Aditya shared his reasons for participating in the poetry creation competition in this competition. He said that his experience in the world of literature and writing made him want to continue to hone his skills in creating literary works.

“The reason I took part in the poetry creation competition was because since I was in high school, I was also involved in the world of literature and writing. By participating in this competition, I want to continue to hone my skills in creating literary works with participants from various universities in Indonesia,” said Aditya, Wednesday (11/5/2022).

With the provisions of the theme “Education, Covid-19 Pandemic, Youth, Social, Technology, Politics, and Nationality”, Aditya carried a poem entitled “A Poem of Love for the Lord”. The contents of the poem represent the community’s situation in the midst of the crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic, where there are still some political figures who take the opportunity to get people’s aspirations in general elections in the political world by spreading promises and giving food parcels. But once elected, “master” will forget his promises. The poem entitled _”The Poem of Love for the Lord” is a critical poem wrapped in words of love. However, behind that word there is criticism of the “master” himself, namely political figures who take advantage of opportunities in the midst of a pandemic to get people’s aspirations.

Aditya hopes that the poem is able to provide a variety of literary meanings in society, such as giving the view that criticizing can be done without hurting or oppressing the feelings of others. Furthermore, he also hopes that his poetry can become a medium in the world of language education and character education for the younger generation of Indonesia.

At the end of the interview session, Aditya invited the students to seek positive experiences at a young age. According to him, students without experience will use them as mines in the future.

“Make a positive experience as a spice for your journey to bring it to the right competition, because students without any experience will be mines in the future. We have to get this when we are young where we are still passionate about getting achievements as a valuable experience for the future, “said Aditya.

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Reporter: Rosantika Utami
Editor: Aulia Anjani