FKIP – International Office (IO) Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Surakarta held Technical Guidance (Bimtek) Southeast Asian Technical and Vocational Education and Training (SEA-TVET) Exchange Program Batch 1 2022 Program on Tuesday (17/5/2022) online via the Zoom Meeting application.

The technical guidance activity was attended by students from 4 Study Programs (Prodi) at FKIP UNS. The four study programs are Accounting Education Study Program, Informatics and Computer Engineering Education (PTIK), Mechanical Engineering Education (PTM), and Building Engineering Education (PTB).

SEA-TVET Exchange Program Batch 1 2022 is a vocational student exchange program in Southeast Asia (ASEAN) initiated by the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO). This activity aims to provide opportunities for students to increase competence in their fields and increase students’ international insight as part of global citizens in this era of globalization.

In his remarks and directions, Prof. Dr. Slamet Subiyantoro, M.Sc. as the Deputy Dean for Academic, Research, and Student Affairs at FKIP UNS said that this activity is one way to realize FKIP UNS as an international standard faculty.

“This activity is one of the answers to bring us as an international faculty. We hope that in the future we can expand our cooperation and establish partnerships with various parties so that the relationship will be wider. Not only in collaboration activities visiting professors or research collaborations and scientific articles, but activities student exchange and the like as well, “said Prof. Slamet.

Then, the agenda continued with the submission of a report on the progress of SEA-TVET by the Chair of the IO FKIP UNS, Murni Ramli, Ed.D. After submitting the report, the next agenda is the technical submission of the SEA-TVET Exchange Program Batch 1 2022 by Towip, S.Pd., MT, who is the IO Team of FKIP UNS.

In his presentation, he explained the series and timeline of the SEA-TVET Exchange Program 2022. Furthermore, he also explained the responsibilities of the participants, the SKS recognition system, and the achievements of the SEA-TVET Exchange Program 2022. Then, he closed his presentation session by explaining the technical use of the platform. LinkrEducation.

“The SEA-TVET Exchange Program 2022 will be held online. In batch 1 we will work with 3 partners, namely NEUST Sumacab Campus Philippines, Polytechnic of Sultan Azlan Shah Malaysia, and Polytechnic of Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah Malaysia. These three partners will start the program at different times, taking into account the conditions of the partners,” said Top.

After the technical presentation, the activity continued with a question and answer session and closed with a group photo.

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Reporter: Rosantika Utami
Editor: Aulia Anjani