FKIP – Vice Dean for Academic, Research, and Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Slamet Subiyantoro, M.Sc. congratulated the two finalists for selecting outstanding students from the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Surakarta who would represent at the university level.

Met by the team on Wednesday (11/5/2022), Prof. Slamet congratulated the two selected finalists, namely Iksan Riva Nanda from the Mechanical Engineering Education study program and Kusnul Khotimah from the Physics Education study program.

“I congratulate the two best winners out of 11 selected from the original 40 so these 2 are portraits of the best among all FKIP students,” said Prof. good luck.

Prof. Slamet also expressed his hope for the two finalists who would represent FKIP at the university level.

“Hopefully later at the university they can compete and win the election to become the best achieving student,” said Prof. good luck.

Prof. Slamet expressed his optimism in facing the selection of outstanding students to be held at the university level.

“We hope that FKIP will be able to outperform other faculties, from the 13 existing faculties. Because yesterday the Student Creativity Program (PKM) in 2021 became a very historic momentum because we became the overall champion of the best PKM in the university. In the past, pure IPA won, yesterday FKIP with 2 gold and 1 bronze. Hopefully, later I can also give the best, “explained Prof. good luck.

Prof. Slamet also explained the assessment system for selecting outstanding students held by FKIP UNS.

“At least today we have given an example of how the process of selecting outstanding students is done through healthy, honest, fair, and transparent procedures and mechanisms. We want to build a culture so that later students will be encouraged to build a culture of achievement, both academic and non-academic,” explained Prof. good luck.

In the end, Prof. Slamet conveyed his plan regarding the synergy between the Study Program Student Association (HMP), Student Activity Unit (UKM), and faculties to produce outstanding students.

“All study programs must send a delegation of outstanding students. The student association of our study program is tightened by providing assignment letters from the faculty leadership to its coaches, including UKM. So, HMP and UKM will later become fields for students to excel,” concluded Prof. good luck.

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Reporter: Dwinanda Wuri Harsanti
Editor: Aulia Anjani