FKIP – Achievement Center of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) Sebelas Maret University (UNS) and Families of Outstanding Students (Kamapres) FKIP UNS held a third class achievement entitled “Strategies to Maximize Achievements and Become the Best Mawapres” on Saturday (18/06/2022 ) via Zoom Meeting.

This activity presents 3 UNS 2022 Outstanding Students (Mawapres), namely Iksan Riva Nanda. Iksan Riva Nanda is a student of the Mechanical Engineering Education Study Program at FKIP UNS who won the PIMNAS XXXIV Gold Medal at the Ministry of Education and Culture 2021 and also became the 1st Outstanding Student of FKIP UNS.

Iksan started the explanation by explaining the important reasons for being a Mawapres, namely being a manifestation of the condition of our existence, being a student’s urgency, and becoming a legacy.

“There are three important reasons for being Mawapres for me, namely being a manifestation and embodiment of one’s own condition. Second, it becomes an urgency for a student, and a legacy,” explained Iksan.

Iksan continued by explaining the assessments of the superior achievements of the Pilmapres.

“The leading achievements in the Pilmapres cover seven fields, namely competition, recognition, awards, organizational career, work, empowerment or humanitarian action, and entrepreneurship,” explained Iksan.

These fields have several categories of international, regional, national, provincial, and higher education. These fields have different assessments.

Iksan continued by describing strategies to achieve maximum performance, namely seeing gaps, contemplation, awareness, inspiration, mentality, and determination.

“There are several strategies to be able to achieve maximum performance, namely being smart at seeing gaps, contemplating or reflecting, being aware of one’s potential, being inspired or having reasons, mentally, and having a persistent determination,” continued Iksan.

Iksan also explained that in order to achieve or participate in the presidential election one must be prepared carefully.

“To take part in the presidential election, you can start preparing yourself as early as possible. This can be done while in semester two or four. Things that can be prepared include superior achievements (portfolios), creative ideas, and foreign language skills,” concluded Iksan.

The activity ended with a question and answer session, discussion, and a group photo.

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Reporter: Akhmad Mukhibun
Editor: Zalfaa Azalia Pursita