FKIP – Indonesian Language and Literature Education Study Program (PBSI) Teacher Training and Education Faculty (FKIP) Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Surakarta received a visit from the Indonesian Language Education Study Program (PBI) Lampung PGRI University (UPGRIP) on Wednesday ( 15/6/2022) in the Hall of Building F, 3rd Floor, FKIP UNS. On that occasion, a general lecture session was held with the topic “Entrepreneurial Literacy”.

Moderated by Pandan Arum as a student of the PBSI FKIP UNS Study Program, the public lecture presented a resource person. The resource persons were Chafit Ulya, S.Pd., M.Pd. He is a Lecturer in the PBSI FKIP UNS Study Program.

Chafit explained the material entitled “Entrepreneurial Literacy: Career Options for PBSI Students” to the general lecture participants consisting of lecturers and student representatives of the PBSI FKIP UNS Study Program. In his presentation, he explained about the changing economic waves, the description of the era of disruption, the transformation of higher education, to the description of the era of competition.

Furthermore, Chafit also explained the description of literacy entrepreneurship, various career opportunities for PBSI students in the creative industry era, examples of literacy entrepreneurs belonging to PBSI FKIP UNS students, and strategies for starting literacy entrepreneurs.

Chafit revealed that now is the era of disruption. According to him, the era of disruption is the era of the birth of a new market but it destroys the existing market order. This era is the background for the transformation of universities from giving birth to job seekers to creating job opportunities.

“Now we are entering the era of disruption, namely the era of the birth of markets or new patterns that destroy the existing order. In this era we are required to think creatively by using minimally unusual ways to balance out the existing disruptors. This era is the background for the transformation of universities from giving birth to job seekers to becoming job makers. At first you can be a job seeker, but use the experience to create your own job opportunities,” said Chafit.

Then, he gives an overview of the era of competition, starting from the picture, the winners, to how to deal with it.

“It is undeniable that we are always faced with competitive situations, whether local, national, or global. So, who is the winner? The winners are people who are able to optimize their potential to become superior competencies, able to predict the future and take advantage of opportunities, as well as people who have the awareness to keep fighting, hone creativity, be critical, innovative, and like challenges. Therefore, map your potential and build personal branding,” explained Chafit.

He also provides an overview of literacy entrepreneurship and career opportunities for PBSI students.

“Entrepreneurial literacy is a business development sector in the field of language and literature in order to produce goods and services to support the improvement and development of literacy culture. According to the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, in 2022, there are three qualifications of literacy entrepreneurs in the creative industry era that have the opportunity to become careers for PBSI students, namely education, information and communication, as well as arts, entertainment, and recreation,” explained Chafit.

At the end of his presentation, Chafit invited the participants of this public lecture to be the best, first, and different.

“Finally, I invite all of you to be the best, be the first, and be different,” said Chafit.

After the presentation of the material, the activity continued with a question and answer session and ended with joint documentation.

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Reporter: Rosantika Utami
Editor: Zalfaa Azalia Pursita