FKIP — The Green Campus Team of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta held a collaboration with PT. Brantas Abipraya in the form of Offline Occupational Health and Safety (K3) Training on Thursday (11/8/2022) in the Hall of Building F FKIP UNS. This training activity carries the theme “The Importance of K3 to Protect and Ensure Work Safety”.

The OSH training began with the submission of a report by the Green Campus FKIP UNS Team, in this case represented by Yunanto, ST., M.Sc. In his report, Yunanto said that this activity was attended by 135 participants consisting of faculty leaders, study program lecturers, faculty and study program education staff, representatives of the Student Activity Unit (UKM), security personnel, and representatives of internship students.

Yunanto also conveyed the purpose of this training.

“This activity was held with the aim of increasing the knowledge and skills of all elements of FKIP UNS stakeholders regarding occupational safety and health,” Yunanto explained.

The next activity was a speech as well as the opening of the training event by the Dean of FKIP UNS, Dr. Mardiyana, M.Si. In his speech, Dr. Mardiyana conveyed the importance of cooperation between FKIP UNS and PT. Brantas Abipraya is related to the fire accident that occurred in the FKIP UNS environment two months ago.

“With the fire accident that occurred last month, we all need to introspect how the efforts we have made in ensuring the safety and health of the work of the FKIP UNS extended family. One of them is by carrying out this training,” said Dr. Mardiyana.

Furthermore, remarks from Wahyu Herry Sasongko as Senior Manager of QHSE Brantas Abipraya. In his remarks, Wahyu hopes that this collaborative activity can continue.

“We hope that this activity will be a starting point for further cooperative relationships in the future. It’s not just about sharing K3 issues. We also have other businesses that can certainly be collaborated in the mix and match program initiated by the Ministry of Education and Culture,” Wahyu explained.

The resource persons presented in this activity were Bagus Putra Nino and Prasetyo Hadi as representatives of PT. Brantas Abipraya.

The first resource person, Bagus Putra Nino, presented a material entitled emergency management. Bagus conveyed the understanding of emergency management as matters relating to how to plan and respond when a disaster occurs.

“Emergency management is what actions must be taken in planning, responding, and following up on a disaster. How the management commitments made by UNS need to be reviewed further,” said Bagus.

Next, the second resource person, Prasetyo Hadi, presented material regarding emergency response to high-rise buildings. He started his presentation by conveying general matters relating to the problem of fires that often occur in urban areas, the regulation of the Act on emergencies, international fire safety standards, stages of fire, to the classification of fires.

“Before an emergency occurs such as a fire, we need to pay attention to the main elements of emergency response so that these elements include policy, identification, fire extinguisher planning, preparation of procedures, organization, infrastructure, coaching and training, communication, investigation and reporting, inspection and audit, ” said Prasetyo.

Prasetyo also conveyed important things that must be considered related to the emergency response of high-rise buildings. Among them are the use of fire extinguishers, assembly points, labels for packaging of toxic and hazardous materials, signs and meanings of information boards about emergencies.

In the end, Prasetyo emphasized that the Green Campus FKIP UNS Team needed to ensure work safety on campus by continuing to make the K3 movement a success in the campus environment.

The activity ended with a question and answer discussion and a simulation of a fire emergency.

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Reporter: Aulia Anjani
Editor: Zalfaa Azalia Pursita