FKIP – To improve the program of utilizing information and communication technology in learning and reviewing the curriculum of the S-1 and S-2 Educational Technology Study Programs, the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Surakarta entered into a cooperation agreement with Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Regional Open Learning Center (SEAMEO SEAMOLEC). This activity was carried out offline at UNS Inn on Thursday (11/8/2022).

This cooperation agreement activity begins with the opening, singing the Indonesia Raya anthem, reading the aims, objectives, and scope of the cooperation agreement, signing the cooperation agreement, remarks, and closing.

Dr. Mardiyana the Dean of FKIP UNS said that in the current era, technology is needed to support improving the quality of learning, education, and human resources. According to him, the increase can be done by improving the learning media and the learning process using technology.

“Now because in the era of revolution 4.0, I think the need related to IT to support the quality of learning, quality of education, quality of human resources, I think is very much needed,” he explained.

Dr. Mardiyana hopes that this cooperation agreement will not only include the MoU and MoA, but also follow-up activities, starting from policies, evidence of implementation, monitoring and evaluation and implementation guidelines, and follow-up. He hopes that these activities can be well documented so that during monitoring and evaluation there is real evidence.

“Hopefully later it will not be just an MoU and MoA, but there are activities that are followed up,” he said.

The same thing was also conveyed by Dr. Wahyudi as Director of SEAMEO SEAMOLEC. He said that quality learning should have structured stages, which involve the provision of materials, discussions, and also assessments.

“That e-learning or distance learning is not just us open Zoom, then lectures, that’s over, but it’s structured which involves the provision of materials, discussions, and also assessments. face to face,” he said.

This cooperation agreement has been signed by Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Sajidan, M.Si. as Vice Chancellor for Planning, Cooperation, Business, and Information at UNS, Dr. Mardiyana, M.Si. as the Dean of FKIP UNS, Dr. Djono, M.Pd. as Deputy Dean of Planning, Cooperation, Business, and Information FKIP UNS, and Dr. Wahyudi as Director of SEAMEO SEAMOLEC.


Reporter: Muhammad Muzaqqi
Editor: Aulia Anjani