FKIP – Students of Indonesian Language and Literature Education Study Program (PBSI) Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Surakarta won 1st place in Microblog Competition Muslimah Media Center Statistical Polytechnic STIS.

The STIS Polytechnic Statistics (Polstat) Muslimah Media Center Microblog Competition is a competition organized by the STIS Polstat Rohis. The theme of this competition is “Decorate Life with Kindness”.

In the competition, Nuri Puji Hastuti, a student of PBSI FKIP UNS, won 1st place with the idea that was brought up with the title “Muslim women are the Architects of Civilization, how come?”.

Interviewed by the team, Nuri explained the background of the proposed title.

“The microblog that was created describes the very large role of Muslim women in the realm of individuals, families, and society. The idea started with an awareness of the magnitude of the role of Muslim women in Islamic history. However, there are still many who are not aware of it. Muslim women in life,” said Nuri on Wednesday (14/9/2022).

Nuri also shared the impression she got when she was declared the 1st place winner. She admitted that she was happy and grateful for this achievement.

“Of course, I feel happy and grateful when I get the championship announcement,” said Nuri.

In the end, Nuri advised that the microblog work that had been created could be an inspiration for friends.

“Hopefully the microblog that I created inspires friends to participate in preaching through graphic design,” concluded Nuri.

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Reporter: Dwinanda Wuri Harsanti
Editor: Aulia Anjani