FKIP — Apprentices from the Indonesian Language and Literature Education Student Association (Himprobsi) Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Surakarta held a national webinar entitled “Smart Literacy in Era 4.0 (Dastera 4.0)” on Saturday ( 7/1/2023). The webinar was held online through the Zoom Meeting application.

Driven by Fitria Almaaratush Sholihah as a student of the Indonesian Language and Literature Education Study Program (PBSI) FKIP UNS, Dastera 4.0 presented two speakers. The first resource person was Habib Safillah Akbariski, S.Pd. He is an alumnus of the PBSI S-1 Study Program FKIP UNS. Apart from that, he is also an active member of the Language Ambassadors Association (Ikadubas) of the Bangka Belitung Islands, the Kata Garden Literary Community, and the Dapur Kata Publisher.

In his presentation, Habib brought up material entitled “Literacy Entrepreneurship: Utilization of Language and Literature in the Creative Industry in the Era 4.0”. Habib started the material by explaining the history of the birth of the industrial revolution. Then, he also explained the urgency of language and literature education in the 4.0 era. According to him, language and literature education can be a tool or medium of communication and work of art.

“Language and literature education has two urgencies in the 4.0 era. First, language as a tool or medium. Language is used as a means of communication and media in conveying certain communication messages. In this case, language can be juxtaposed with other fields of study in order to optimize the message to be conveyed, so that language often appears in certain fields. Second, language is a creative product that can be collected and distributed by optimizing the role of the digital world,” explained Habib.

The second Dastera 4.0 resource person is Dr. Tjahjono Widijanto, M.Pd. He is an alumnus of the PBSI FKIP UNS S-3 Study Program who is successful as a writer and cultural activist. He has been included in the Top 10 nominations for the Category of Fiction Book Writers for Teachers and Creative Camp Education Personnel (GCC) at the Central Java Province level.

Dr. Tjahjono presented material entitled “Cultural Battle of Indonesian Language and Literature Identity Crisis in the Era 4.0”. In this material, he explained general phenomena in the global and post-pandemic era, 21st century skills, six basic literacy, an overview of digital culture, characteristics of the 4.0 era and its negative impacts, language crisis and its prevention strategy, the importance of concern for literature, to entrepreneurship. literacy.

Furthermore, he also explained the concept of digital literacy. According to him, in digital media one must apply the four anchor values of digital media.

“Digital literacy is awareness, attitude, individual ability to use digital tools and facilities appropriately to identify, access, manage, integrate, and analyze digital resources and create constructive expressions. There are four anchor values in digital media that we must apply, namely respect, ethics, awareness of roles and obligations, and ethics and ethics,” explained Dr. Tjahjono.

After the presentation of the material, the activity continued with a question and answer session which was still guided by the moderator. Dastera 4.0 was closed with a joint documentation session.

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Reporter: Rosantika Utami
Editor: Zalfaa Azalia Pursita