Campus Areas:
  1. Campus I : Kentingan Surakarta
  2. Campus II : Ngoresan Surakarta
  3. Campus III : Manahan Surakarta
  4. Campus IV : Kleco Surakarta
  5. Campus V : Pabelan Sukoharjo
  6. Campus VI : Kebumen
Workshops and Laboratories:
  1. Building Engineering Education Workshop and Laboratory :
    a. Aluminum Steel Workshop
    b. Stone Work Workshop
    c. Woodworking Workshop
    d. Plumbing and Electrical Mechanics Workshop
    e. Soil Mechanics Laboratory
    f. Soil Measurement Laboratory
    g. Concrete Structure Laboratory
    h. Drawing Laboratory
    i. Architecture Laboratory
    j. Computing and CAD Laboratory
  2. Mechanical Engineering Education Workshop and Laboratory :
    a. Mechanical Work Workshop
    b. Bench and Plate Work Workshop
    c. Welding and Forging Workshop
    d. Motor Engine Workshop (Gasoline and Diesel)
    e. Automotive Electrical Workshop
    f. Power Transfer and Vehicle Control Workshop
    g. Chassis and Body Workshop
    h. CNC Workshop
    i. Computing and CAD Laboratory
  3. Computer Laboratory I, II, III, and IV
  4. Physics Laboratory
  5. Biology Laboratory
  6. Chemical laboratory
  1. Faculty Library
  2. University Library
  3. Office Administration Laboratory and Library
  4. Accounting Laboratory and Library : Mini Bank
  5. Commerce Administration Laboratory
  6. Geography Laboratory and Library
  7. Geography Library Laboratory
  8. History Laboratory and Library
Sports facilities:
  1. Tennis Court
  2. Basketball Court
  3. Volleyball Court
  4. Stadium
  5. Fitness Center