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Webinar Nasional KEF X

Apa itu Webinar Nasional KEF X? Webinar Nasional KEF X merupakan seminar yang diselenggarakan oleh panitia KEF X HMP Kimia Kovalen FKIP UNS secara daring melalui platform YouTube Kovalen UNS. Webinar ini terbuka untuk umum sehingga siapapun dan di manapun Anda berada, Anda dapat mengikutinya selama terkoneksi dengan internet. Calendar, we recommend that you use


“Enhancing Research and Collaboration in Science Education and Technology in The Digital Era” The ICOSETH 2020 Organized by the Natural Science Education, Doctorate Program, Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS), Indonesia. The ICOSETH 2020 invites researchers, academicians, educators, practitioners, government officers, and consultants to attend and share their insights, perspectives, and new trend of research in education.

AEVEC 2020

Gedung F FKIP UNS UNS, Solo

TOPIC “DRIVING ENGINEERING AND VOCATIONAL EDUCATION TO ADDRESS FUTURE CHALLENGES IN A SMART ENVIRONMENT” IMPORTANT DATES FULL PAPER JULY 31st 2020 AUGUST 15th 2020 AUGUST 31st 2020 Submission of full manuscript (FINAL EXTENSION) AUGUST 18th - SEPTEMBER 8th 2020 Reviewer's feedback OCTOBER 10th 2020 Resubmission of revised manuscripts to Guest Editor PAYMENT SEPTEMBER 5th 2020

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